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Many Men Dream Of Retiring In The Philippines.  You can help them make the dream real and make money while helping them.

 I wrote the Book.  We both earn!

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Hello Affiliates!  Rusty Ferguson here,

Lets do some business!

Its my goal to help you.  The better you do.  The better I do.  So,

Do you know who wants to move to the Philippines?

Men With Money
Middle Aged Men
Men With Credit Cards
Many Well Off Men

I've worked hard at making this book worth of their money.

This eBook is targeted toward middle age men that are eager to start a new life.  These men usually have credit cards and often have substantial incomes.

You may use content that I wrote for my Philippines expat blog.
Testimonials are Included
Banners are also Included
 Download all this here.
If you need something else email me

Feel Free to Use any of the Content On These Pages for Your Promotion

Its my goal to help you.  The better you do.  The better I do.  So, I want you to do VERY well.  :)

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If you need help with HTML, making clickable banners and links or Internet marketing in general please visit
Rusty Ferguson Marketing to download a free 120 page eBook to help you with that. If you remain in the list there will be a free video course offered to you as well.

I have Created an email list in order to provide you with the best support possible.  The list will  only be used to support this product. Its completely optional

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